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Car wrapping

Motorcycle covering
Automotive covering
Printing on oneway (perforated vinyl)
Advertising automobile branding
Marking of all vehicles in adhesive cutout

To highlight your brand image and logo on your car and all rolling stock, such as vans, trucks, trailers and buses... ​

AD PUB transforms your rolling stock, whether trailer, truck, bus, into a permanent or event communication medium. We provide maintenance and removal.

Covering or branding?

It should be emphasized that there are two types of car wrapping: ​

  • First, the total dressing :

This car wrap is also known as a wrap . We offer complete vehicle wrapping (covering) digitally printed using opaque adhesive vinyl for the sheet metal and one-way vision for the windows.

  • Then, the car marking with an adhesive vinyl (partial covering):

This type of vehicle wrapping involves branding your company logo and addresses on your car in the left and right side doors, as well as the hood and rear trunk.

​ This text and logo marking on cars is made using long-lasting vinyl guaranteed for 5 years, with an original color, cut by machine or cutting plot.

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