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Advertisement signage

Illuminated backlight sign, iron frame, aluminum corners and LED neon
Illuminated alucobond panel and luminous plexiglass box letters

The luminous sign is one of the most effective supports of the  advertising communications . Whatever the lighting technique, it is always equipped with either a LED or neon lighting system.

Types of neon signs

Illuminated signs make it possible to promote your business day and night, and come in different models:

  • the  light boxes  ;

  • the  LED signs  ;

  • the  neon signs .

Illuminated signs can be:

  • either illuminated from the inside, as is the case for light boxes or certain  sign letters  ;

  • or backlit.


1. Sign letter

  • The  box sign letter , which designates all the letters in relief:

    • These 3D letters can be LED or neon backlit, in different looks, materials and thicknesses.

    • In stainless steel, for the most prestigious, they allow a neat display.

  • The  sign letter cut out  :

    • The letters are cut out of different materials such as aluminium, adhesive or PVC. They are applied directly to your storefront or glued to a light device (box).

    • They can then be lacquered and covered with an adhesive, they are not luminous but can be backlit.

  • The  embossed sign letter  :

    • Letters of this type are used to give volume to your sign, they can be of different volumes and of different thicknesses.

    • They can be illuminated by a luminous device or backlit.

  • The  adhesive sign letter  refers to all the letters cut out of adhesive and stuck on an advertising device.


2. Roof illuminated sign

The terrace sign or the roof sign placed on a building can be seen from afar but also from very high up. A large sign size is a great way to be identified and noticed,  thus arousing the curiosity of passers-by.

3. Double sided flag sign

The luminous flag sign brings excellent visibility to your shop, and more particularly at night thanks to an integrated neon or LED lighting system. In general, this type of sign complements a facade sign to promote your business in a simple and elegant way.

4. Headband

A banner sign, also known as a billboard, is applied flat to the facade of the commercial premises. Banner type signs can be illuminated or not, made of 3mm Dibond, sheet metal or tarpaulin.   

  • An advertising backlight panel is a luminous panel that easily adapts to the facade of your company or store. Thanks to these forms, models, colors and materials of manufacture. It is printed on 440g tarpaulin stretched over a frame. The advantage of this concept is its price, it is more economical.

  • The plexiglass advertising panel is resistant to climatic changes and light, moreover it adapts perfectly to every place, whether indoors or outdoors. Our plexiglass and forex panel is the ideal solution for all professionals who want rigid communication while remaining light.

  • Our alucobond panels are cut, laminated plexiglass and backlit by LEDs or fluorescent tubes. ALUCOBOND® is a composite panel made up of two aluminum facing sheets and a mineral filling core that is difficult to ignite or even incombustible. The excellent qualities of the product encourage inspiration and allow builders and designers to come up with innovative solutions.



There are different types of billboards produced by us in different formats and models. As much used by businesses, restaurants, hair salons, pharmacies, mechanics garages and sales shops.

The cost of a billboard

Here is an indication of the price of some panels:

  • Luminous backlight panel price from  600 Dhs

  • An Alucobond panel from 2,000 Dh



We  to consult  to study together the best solution for your project.

Illuminated plexiglass sign and box letters
Alucobond sign and cut vinyl marking
Large format illuminated box letters
2-sided flag sign in alucobond and cut-out vinyl markings
Illuminated plexiglass sign and cut vinyl marking
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