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Visual identity

Custom flag
Personalized key ring

Personalized tote bag
Personalized cap marking
T-shirt marking in cut flex, screen printing, DTF, printable flex

The visual identity of a company is an essential element and the basis of any communication strategy. ​


A company cannot exist without an identity of its own, an element thanks to which it stands out from its competitors.

It is in a way the passport of the company which allows it to be visible thanks to its supports (ex: envelopes, press files etc…).

An effective visual identity attracts the attention of potential customers, but also ensures its reliability and popularity with competing brands and customers.


We create according to your indications and preferences your logo in the image of your company, this one  can be declined in different shapes and colors and can be found on different supports  that we will offer you:

·      Stop-sidewalk

·      roll up

·      T-shirt

·      Pens

·      Cap

·      Calendar

·      Goodies

·      etc….

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