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CHANGE sign in galvanized sheet metal and cut vinyl markings
Printed vinyl
Plexiglass plate and printed vinyl
Printed tarpaulin or kakemono
Sheet metal road sign, retroreflective cut vinyl marking

The notion ofsignage refers to all the elements that indicate the company to customers and guide them through a point of sale.

Signage is primarily intended to indicate the presence of a company, but it also plays an important role in the areas of POS or outdoor advertising.

Usefulness of signage

The impact of quality signage no longer needs to be demonstrated.

It allows:​

  • guide and inform the customer about the services/products, facilitating their purchases;

  • seduce the customer;

  • differentiate yourself from the competition and promote your business.


The areas of application for signage are numerous. Thus, it is essential that it is impactful, innovative and dynamic, whether it is:​

  • of the directional signage, to indicate the presence and direction of the company;

  • or signage at points of sale.

The different categories​

The concept of signage comes in several forms depending on its field of application.

  • ​Interior signage :​

Thereinterior signage consists of communication supports that help guide people in an establishment or store, and thus facilitate customer movement. Many interior signage supports exist, such as:​

  • THEadvertisement signage, billboards,

  • THEkakemonos,

  • THEroll-up,

  • floor adhesive, plans,

  • ray stoppers,

  • the POS...

  • Exterior signage:​

Thereexterior signageIt brings together all the communication media which make it possible to indicate the existence of a company or an establishment. These communication supports can be:​

  • the signs, the totems,

  • The pharmacy cross,

  • The advertising flags,

  • The direction signs, signs, etc.

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